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Cuyahoga Modules

Cuyahoga is divided in a core framework for site structure, authorization and template management on one side and separate modules for displaying content and user interaction on the other side. The modules are completely separated from the core (in their own assemblies). This allows for great flexibility. You can develop your own modules and easily integrate them in your site.

Since Cuyahoga is not meant to be a complete portal solution like DotNetNuke or Rainbow Portal it ships with a limited amount of modules. These function as a sample for how to build your own modules but nevertheless have enough features to enable you to setup a pretty web site with content management abilities that enable non-technical users to maintain a web site.

Currently seven modules are included in Cuyahoga:
  • Articles
    Publish articles or news on your web site including content expiration, rss feeds and comments. See the news section on the homepage for an impression what the outside looks like.
  • StaticHtml
    The most simple form of content management. Just edit the contents of a section and save it. Note that the content (and the content of the Articles module) is edited by a richtext editor, in this case FCKEditor. This editor lets you do some formatting so your pages don't have to look that dull :).
  • Downloads
    Upload files that become available for download. The number of downloads is count and you can restrict download permissions for individual roles and individual files.
  • RemoteContent
    Display content on your site from external sources. Combining multiple sources in one list is possible. The external content is cached locally. You can let the content refresh asynchronously to reduce page loading time when the cached content is expired. Currently only RSS 2.0 feeds are supported as external sources.
  • User
    A login section with links to user-related pages (registration, password reset, edit profile information).
  • Search
    Find content of different modules.
  • Language Switcher
    Navigate to the pages in a site that  have a different language.
Maybe some more modules will added in the feature but everybody is greatly encouraged to try and develop their own modules. I'm planning to add a module building how-to to this site. In the meantime check the current modules and how things are done in there. It's not that hard and you're free to ask anything you want in the modules section of the forum.