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Issue List for July 2010 Build Options
Posted: Thursday, September 30, 2010 6:18:08 AM
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Monkeyface wrote:
Working on Linux happy

I finally managed to get the thing working under Mono.
The main thing I changed from my earlier failed attempts was to switch to using MySQL rather than PostgreSQL. This allowed me to avoid updating the NHibernate DLLs, which was a source of some of the errors with PostgreSQL.

For now I installed the database on MSSQL then exported it to MySQL but I will try translating the MySQL scripts properly later.
Edit: just notice above someone already translated these... could I have a copy please? happy

Some changes were needed for mono compatibility. First off something in "FixAppDomainRestartWhenTouchingFiles" in Global.asax.cs doesn't sit well with Mono, so I had to comment that out for now.
Also, there are *loads* of case sensitivity problems, so for now I just set up a FAT partition on linux to make it case insensitive. That seemed to do the trick.

I hope to fix the problems properly later so that it's fully Mono compatible, but otherwise I am pleased to report that Cuyahoga 2.0 can be made to work on Mono/Linux veryhappy

I have created install scripts for MSSQL, MySQL and PostgreSQL. They have only been tested on my Windows box but they worked fine. Obviously they will need testing further.

A bullit list of things to look out for/change for linux would be good. I have already put the latest NHibernate in the build so I would like more details on what issues that caused.

I will be posting a news item and sources for the latest V2.0 beta either tomorrow or over the weekend. Either way it will be the next few days. I hope people will post the issues that they find. The more issues added to Jira or this thread the better the end result should be.

Also keywords for the *loads* of case sensitivity problems would be good. No need to list every instance just the words causing issues and the context in which they are used.
Posted: Thursday, September 30, 2010 10:03:51 PM
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Hi Constructor

That sounds great, I look forward to testing your latest build. 

I will test that when you post it and then post a list of Mono issues/fix suggestions for you.

From memory the main ones are the "FixAppDomainRestartWhenTouchingFiles" one mentioned above and case sensitivity. The post-build copy events also weren't working in monodevelop so I had to use a nant target for that.

From memory (not at my PC now) the main case sensitivity issues were around mixed use of "css" and Css", "images" and "Images", "templates" and "Templates", "admin" and "Admin" in the code, folder names and CSS files. There may be other keywords but those were the main ones.

I think there were also occurances in files outside the solution such as the text editor config files etc.

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