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So what about Mono support?

One of the main goals of this project has always been to support Mono. But there are two main issues that prevent Cuyahoga from running on Mono:

- Currently Cuyahoga uses NHibernate proxy objects (Castle DynamicProxy). They don't work with Mono (yet). A quick solution would be to turn off proxying and turn the caching a little more aggressive to reduce the database load.

- Bugs in the System.Web classes. Cuyahoga modules use PathInfo variables for extended module parameters. Mono (or mod_mono?) thinks they indicate a folder on the web server. Aside from that there are other bugs that cause errors in some of the pages. I have the feeling that they can be worked around though, but I didn't have enough time to fix that.

Some early versions completely worked on Mono, but with the latest additions, the Mono bugs did appear unfortunately :(.

12/20/2004 1:32:00 AM Published by Martijn Boland Category Mono Comments 0