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Cuyahoga news

A little update

There hasn't been much development activity lately with Cuyahoga. This is mainly because I was distracted with another project, but most work of my part over there is done. Time to restart development here :).

On a side note: from the server statistics it appears that version 0.8.2 has been running rock-solid. Are there any users out there who will share their experiences with 0.8.2?

8/25/2005 2:20:00 PM Published by Martijn Boland Category Cuyahoga Comments 3

  • Rock solid, zero stability problems.
    Some odd issues like the position of the menues, but those are minors.

    by Ayende Rahien - 8/25/2005 4:12:45 PM
  • Very stable. Using it as a company portal for around 75 users. The only only problems I have are some strange menu glitches when positioning menus.

    by Richard Bourque - 8/26/2005 4:28:29 PM
  • It allmost works for me now. The only problem is the danish culture. I'm from denmark and want to use iso-8859-1 so i can use æøå, but it dosn't seem to work?

    by Troels Richter - 9/10/2005 1:44:58 AM