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Some goodies that might be overlooked :)

Did you perhaps notice the Cuyahoga.ServerControls assembly? Currently it contains three controls:

This is an ASP.NET server control that wraps mishoo's terrific javascript calendar. Simply drag it on your web form, set the path to the directory where the support files are located, and you've got a nice control for entering dates that will let you immediately forget the dreadful built-in ASP.NET calendar :).

With ASP.NET, only the datagrid has paging facilities. What if, for example, you want to use a repeater (because you like clean HTML) and also want paging? Cuyahoga has a pager control that can be attached to any web control that can have a datasource. Drag it to your web form, select the control that you want to be paged and you're done. For the more demanding users, there is a possibility to cache results.

This is a wrapper around FreeTextBox 2.x. Nothing special here, only an image gallery and a link browser designed for Cuyahoga. I will probably replace it with a version of FreeTextBox 3.0 that has a built-in image gallery.

[Edit 2005-01-16]
CuyahogaEditor is removed from Cuyahoga.ServerControls because it is replaced with a plain vanilla FCKEditor.

1/5/2005 11:20:00 PM Published by Martijn Boland Category Developers Comments 0