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Issues solved with running Cuyahoga on Mono

In a previous post I mentioned some problems that prevented Cuyahoga from running on Mono.
The issue with DynamicProxy still exists but I've created alternative NHibernate mapping files for Mono without proxies. When building with NAnt  on Mono, the original mapping files are replaced with the Mono versions.
One other main step was to replace the customized FreeTextBox editor with FCKEditor because FreeTextBox stopped working on Mono 1.1.3. FCKEditor is a pretty good editor and it's completely open source.
The issue with the pathinfo variables was fixed by using an overload of HttpContext.RewritePath that accepts path, pathinfo and querystring as separate parameters. This overload works as expected.

1/16/2005 2:28:00 AM Published by Martijn Boland Category Developers Comments 1

  • Where can I find the files with the bug fixed??

    by Diego Mesa Tabares - 8/18/2006 4:12:46 PM