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Cuyahoga news (Archive)

  • A new look

    As you already may have noticed, the Cuyahoga site has a new look. Big thanks go out to Mayur Upadhyaya and the team at Glow Labs for creating this wonderful template.

    We also have a new logo that is created by John Lynch. It is based on the old logo, but it has a nice 3d effect added to it.

    3/3/2010 4:57:00 PM Published by Martijn Boland Category Website Comments 5
  • Cuyahoga 2.0: help needed

    With the release of Cuyahoga 2.0 Alpha, we have the foundation in place to make Cuyahoga a better CMS in the future. This is also the time for a request: we really need some help to make the 2.0 version complete. If you like, you can help with one or more of the following items:

    • File and image browser/uploader for the HTML editors. It should be easy to use it as plugin in both TinyMCE and FCKeditor;
    • Design layout of the pages: currently we have a way of designing the page layout but I'm not entirely happy with how it works. It needs to be improved;
    • Database scripts for MySQL en PostgreSQL (install and upgrade);
    • Localization files for the admin (manager and module admin pages);

    If you want to do something, please leave a message at the dev mailing list and we can discuss it.

    12/12/2009 4:12:00 PM Published by Martijn Boland Category Cuyahoga Comments 6
  • Cuyahoga 2.0 Alpha released

    Finally, after a long time, the first version of Cuyahoga 2.0 is released. This is the Alpha version, which means that it isn't suitable for production environments yet. Also note that at this moment, we only support SQL Server as a database.


    What's new:

    • Completely rewritten site admin (manager);
    • Content abstraction: content handling is much more generic now;
    • Support for medium trust;
    • File manager;
    • Separate directories per site for user files, templates and full-text indexes;
    • Much more...

    Visit the Sourceforge site to get the source and binary distributions.

    Everybody is encouraged to give this version a testdrive. Any feedback is welcome. There is a dedicated forum for all 2.0-related questions. Please check the installation instructions in the package before installing.

    In the coming weeks, there will be more posts describing some of the new features and what we have planned for the final 2.0 release.

    Special thanks go to Maximilian Gaerber who designed and contributed the content abstraction part.

    12/11/2009 6:36:00 PM Published by Martijn Boland Category Cuyahoga Comments 4
  • Cuyahoga 2 will run under medium trust

    So what's happening with Cuyahoga 2 development?

    The last months there hasn't been too much development unfortunately due to time constraints, but it's starting again.

    One very positive result of recent development is that I finally managed to get everything working under medium trust. I wanted this for years, but some of the libraries we use simply didn't work under medium trust. Recently however, I got some signals that things had changed, both in the libraries, but also in the .NET runtime and indeed, things had changed! It works without compromising functionality.

    [edit] I wrote a blog post about some of the details.

    6/24/2009 9:29:00 AM Published by Martijn Boland Category Cuyahoga Comments 1
  • Cuyahoga issue tracker is back again

    JIRA is running again. The url is http://jira.cuyahoga-project.org:8080/jira. Sorry for the inconvenience.

    3/3/2009 10:49:00 PM Published by Martijn Boland Category Website Comments 2